Workshop Contact Improvisation – engl. version


Ecki & Dani

Zuschnitt 16_dani_Portrait_ Patrick Beelaert

Ecki Müller

Dani Schwartz

Saturday, 11 March and Sunday, 12 March 2023 at Tanzmeer Stuttgart


 An immersion into the perceptual & sensory systems through a shared dance

Contact Improvisation proposes an ongoing dialogue with another dancer, the environment and the
realm of the physical forces. Acknowledging the conditions of our living bodies, having the earth and
gravity as constant partners, we will engage in listening and responding to the received stimulus.
Attending to the physical perceptions and sensations, we will land in the structure, the density and the
surface of our bodie’s spherical space, revitalizing and making them available.
From there, an improvised dance in a duet and group configuration will unfold through physical contact,
expanding and moving our bodies-spheres through space opening unexpected pathways.
Inhabiting the spherical body, receiving and sensing the inner and the outer information and allowing our
selves to be moved/danced by it, we will develop awareness, response-ability, movement possibilities,
and trust in cooperation.

Everybody is welcome, previous CI experience is wished!
We teach in english
(german, french or spanish translation will be available, if necessary)






Möhringerstr. 41
(Backyard 2nd Floor)
70199 Stuttgart

Saturday, 11 March 2023
11:00  – 17:30
Sunday,   12 March 2023
10:00 – 16:30

1,5 hrs Lunchbreak each
Buffet to bring along!
Bring and share! 🙂


Pay according to your means: 130 – 160 €.

You will be informed of the bank account details when you register

at Isabelle Guidi:

Subject: Ecki und Dani

For people travelling from further away, it is possible to stay overnight in the dance room with your own sleeping bag (sleeping mats available) for 5,-€.
No shower available! But there is a kitchen for preparing your own meals.

Daniela Schwartz (ARG/FR) – Eckhard Müller (GER/FR) travel the world to share their vision, practice
and performance of Contact Improvisation and Improvisation, moving together across Europe and the
Americas to offer CI Intensive Workshops and developing projects based on Improvisation and
transdisciplinary practices. Through collaboration, their interests continuously influence each other,
creating diverse and surprising pathways. They share the passion and curiosity of moving into the
unknown, the spontaneity of real time and the investigation of the body’s wisdom. Dani’s interest is in
details and the capacity of attention and imagination. This, together with Ecki’s fascination with
physicality and its limits, plunge them together into the research of perceptual and sensorial exploration,
rediscovering possible dialogues through the dance. They are both co-organizers of the contactfestival
freiburg in Germany and members of Co. Dégadézo, France.
Since 2022, they co-facilitate an annual CI Teacher Training in Freiburg together with Melanie Seeger.

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